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Professional Tree Services in Maryville TN

At Thomas’s Tree Services, we believe in nurturing nature. With over 26 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive suite of tree services that ensure your outdoor spaces’ safety and aesthetic appeal. Whether routine maintenance or emergency removals, our approach is rooted in expertise, efficiency, and eco-friendly practices. The backbone of our service is our crew of trained arborists and tree care experts committed to your trees’ growth and aesthetic appeal.

Tree Health Mastery

Your trees will stay healthy and beautiful for years thanks to our professional attention.

Emergency Arborist Response

Ready round-the-clock for immediate assistance with any tree-related emergencies.

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Emergency Tree Services 24/7

Our Tree Services

Unrivaled Tree Expertise for Your Space

Our skilled team at Thomas’s Tree Services brings passion and precision to every project. We are not just a tree service company but stewards of the environment, dedicated to enhancing your outdoor areas’ natural beauty and safety. Here’s how we stand out:

Tree Care Services

Our comprehensive tree care solutions encompass pruning, removal, and maintenance, enhancing your outdoor spaces and tree health.

Tree Removal

Experts in tree removal, eliminating hazards and eyesores with care, and providing 24/7 emergency response for immediate assistance.

Brush Chipping

Eco-friendly brush chipping transforms debris into mulch, promoting sustainability while maintaining a tidy property.
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Words From Our Customers

Winslow Thatcher
Winslow Thatcher
Amazing work got it done in the time-frame that he said he would and it looks amazing I definitely recommend
Charlene Wright
Charlene Wright
This company goes far and beyond the call of duty, I had trees laying across my electric lines, and when Quenten seen them, he climbed up the tree and used his HAND saw and cut every bit of it off. He said he would bring the chain saw next time they came over. Rest In Heaven, Quenten! People would be very lucky and blessed to choose this company for all their landscaping needs. Robert is one of the best and so was his beautiful soul son.
Chelsey Makayla
Chelsey Makayla
Thomas' tree service does an AMAZING job. You call Robert, he bids the job you want done at a reasonable price, and he gives you a timeframe of how long it'll take and sticks to it!! I would recommend Thomas' Tree Service to EVERYONE!!
Thomas’s tree service did a excellent job. They exceeded our expectations with the tree removal and clean up. We would definitely use Thomas’s tree service again.
Scott Rader
Scott Rader
They came late on a Friday on an 'emergency' call and spent a couple hours rescuing my sons cat - a good 70' up a large oak! Went above and beyond to safely remove it and were extremely reasonable. Will definitely be our first call for actual tree service in the future.
Happy Valley Chalet
Happy Valley Chalet
Thomas and his son did a wonderful job.
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Experienced Arborists that ensure safety and efficient tree services, from pruning to emergency removals.

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Professional tree services focused on their health, safety, and aesthetic beauty.
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