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About Our Company

Crafting Safer, Greener Spaces in Maryville, TN

At Thomas’s Tree Services, we believe in nurturing nature. With over 26 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive suite of tree services that ensure your outdoor spaces’ safety and aesthetic appeal. Whether routine maintenance or emergency removals, our approach is rooted in expertise, efficiency, and eco-friendly practices. The backbone of our service is our crew of trained arborists and tree care experts committed to your trees’ growth and aesthetic appeal.
Our mission is to provide expert tree care, ensuring the vitality and safety of trees. We commit to environmental responsibility, customer satisfaction, and community enrichment.

To be the foremost guardians of nature’s beauty, nurturing trees and landscapes while enriching lives through sustainable tree care practices and exceptional service.

At Thomas’s Tree Services, our values revolve around integrity, expertise, sustainability, and community. We prioritize tree health, safety, and environmental stewardship in all our endeavors.


Words from Our Customers

They transformed my backyard into an arboreal oasis! Their tree pruning expertise gave my old oak a stunning makeover; now, it's the neighborhood's envy. Kudos to the green thumbs at Thomas's Tree Services!

Piyush Miranda Plant City, FL

When a thunderstorm sent a tree crashing onto my roof, I panicked. Thomas's Tree Services came to the rescue in record time. They removed the tree and also fixed the roof damage.

Issaac Samuel San Atonio, Texas

I had a wild idea for landscaping my new property, and Thomas's Tree Services brought it to life! Their land-clearing service turned my overgrown lot into a blank canvas for my dream garden. Exceptional work!

Alvin Broderick Bell, California
Our Process

Discover Our Comprehensive Tree Care Approach

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Our journey begins with a thorough consultation. We listen to your needs and evaluate your trees and property. Our team of experts will visit your site to assess the tree's health, identify potential hazards, and understand your specific requirements.

Customized Planning and Quotation

Following the assessment, we craft a customized plan of action. This plan outlines the specific services your trees need, from pruning to emergency removals. We believe in transparent communication, so we provide a detailed quotation along with the plan.

Expert Execution and Cleanup

The final step is where our skilled professionals get to work. Whether it's tree pruning, removal, or land clearing, our team employs state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques for efficient execution. Our job isn't done until your property looks impeccable and you're delighted.

Professional tree services focused on their health, safety, and aesthetic beauty.